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    With HIV testing, there is an unofficial stigma attached with the process, which often prevents many people from being tested. However as much as we decide to avoid the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), HIV has the potential to pose as a major threat to life. In such circumstances, if something as convenient as a home HIV testing kit was available as an option; would you not like to try it?

    The importance of a HIV test kit can be encapsulated in a pretty straightforward fact. If this is not used in time and the HIV status is not known, the virus could lead to AIDS. On the other hand, if the infection is diagnosed in the early stages, requisite medical treatment could be effectively used to prevent any serious ailments. Thus it is a matter of being aware and this is where the HIV home testing kits now come in handy. There is no need to visit a doctor for the test and the procedure can be carried out in the comfort of your home and as often as you want.

    All you need is a drop of blood taken from a clean finger, which is enough for the home HIV test and the results are available in ten minutes. An HIV test kit is very safe to use. Moreover, the home HIV testing kit is quite accurate. However, while reading the results, keep one important fact in mind. The HIV test checks the blood sample for possible HIV antigens. These HIV antigens can be detected only after 3 months of infection. Thus for accurate results, at least 12 weeks would be needed from the time of possible contact with the HIV infection before the test should be used. There is also a minor possibility that it could take more than the stated time span of 3 months to detect the HIV antigens.

    The home HIV testing kit is particularly useful for those who have had unprotected vaginal / anal / oral sex, or have had a tattoo or body piercing with dirty needles, or have shared hypodermic needles. In any of those situations there is a chance that HIV could be transmitted and thus using the HIV testing kit, is a wise call.

    The listed causes of HIV infection shed enough light on the possible prevention routes. In order to stay away from the HIV testing kit or the menace itself, always opt for safe sex i.e. use condoms. If you must undergo any medical treatment, make sure fresh needles are used. Likewise if you take drugs, don’t ever share your gear. HIV infection travels through body fluids like blood, semen, breast milk, etc. But a hug or a kiss or a massage, cannot lead to HIV transmission.

    If the home HIV testing kit suggests that you have been infected, don’t consider it as a death sentence. HIV infection could, but not necessarily lead to AIDS. So even if there are HIV antigens in your blood, AIDS is not confirmed. In fact, many people who are HIV infected are leading very normal lives. So without panicking, get an appointment with your GP who will refer you to a specialist.
    ชุดตรวจเอชไอวี , at the right time, can prevent any fatal conclusions.

    So if you have even the slightest doubts as to whether you are HIV positive, without thinking any further, buy an HIV testing kit as this easy test could eliminate all negative possibilities and also pave the way for the right course of action.