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Consultancy Services

Consulting service for dental colleagues:

We are dedicated to serving our dental professional clients to learn how to achieve unique results through applications of practical and efficient clinical protocols, effective patient communication training, and teaching clinical skills. With this focus, we help our clients reach their real productivity and profitability potential. We offer case review for:

  • Developing an accurate diagnosis,
  • Formulating an effective treatment planning,
  • Providing a second opinion and
  • Assisting in medico-legal disputes.


Consulting services for legal and insurance professionals:

We are committed to serving our legal and insurance professional clients to assist them in learning about dental, oral and craniofacial injury cases to reach a fair and just settlement of the Medicolegal dispute.  Our comprehensive case analysis enables us to establish and substantiate the true value of the case and provide our clients with facts to make their educated decision in processing an injury case.  We offer case review to:

  • Explain probable proximate causal relation of the claimed injury to the accident in question,
  • Explain the mechanism of injury,
  • Calculating the permanent impairment,
  • Projecting the cost of the future care,
  • Explore essential information to evaluate the case,
  • When necessary, write a comprehensive effective report,
  • When needed, examine the injured for an unbiased opinion,
  • When mandatory, justly and fairly testify in a deposition or court of law.

The consultant:

Dr. Reda A. Abdel-Fattah is a dentist with a special interest in prevention, diagnosis and management of Orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders as well as sleep-disordered breathing. He is a board certified, diplomate, fellow, and member of many organizations that deal with Dentistry, Oral-Facial Pain and Temporomandibular disorders. He has served as an expert in numerous medical-legal cases for the Department of Health of the State of Florida, defense and plaintiff attorneys. He lectured widely to local and National Health and Legal professionals. He is an author to many scientific articles and books that are listed below. He is a board examiner to the American Board of Craniofacial Pain. He is the chairman of the Craniofacial Pain and Dysfunctions section at Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic at Palm Beach State College. A detailed C.V. will be provided per request.

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