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Live Seminars are held by experts in the field of Dentistry . Please take a look at the Announced Seminars and Speakers. 

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Look what other colleagues say about our seminars:

“Thank you for offering your seminar on Evaluating and Managing TMJ Injury Cases. I thought I had taken almost every type of TMJ related course available but I was wrong. Your course is the only course I have attenden or even seen available to review the conent you went over. For someone like myself who practices treating so many TMD patients, I found the information vital to my practice. I enjoyed the venue and you did a wonderful job.”

Dr. D.P., Michigan City, IN

“After taking his course last month I now feel way more confident and prepared to deal with any reporting TMJ injury to the legal community.”

Dr. R. G., Toronto, ON, Ca.

“I am very grateful to have someone like Dr. Abdel-Fattah expertise to learn from. I highly recommend his course, if for nothing else but to protect ourselves legally from making any written mistakes, and also if you want to become an expert witness in your area”. 

Dr. D. S., Los Angeles, CA, USA

“This seminar is very informative. I am impressed with the depth of knowledge and the way it was conveyed.”

Dr. D.M.B. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“This was an excellent course! Definetely a must to attend”. 

Dr. A. D. , Bolton, MA

“It was remarkable course. It was an eye opener not only for injury cases, but also simple rist management daily protocl. The course enriched my understanding of TMJ injury cases. Dr. Abdel-Fattah is a wonderful, attentive teacher and mentor. I highly recommend his course. Not only will it provide you with comprehensive information, but also it will help you protect your company from legal disputes. I would like to thank him for a wonderful course.”

Dr. M.C., New York, NY