South Florida Institute for Post Graduate Health Education, Inc

States Requirement for Dental Continuing Education

(for dentists, dental hygienists and certified dental assistants)

The dentists and dental hygienests are required by most of the States to take continuing education in order to renew their licenses. The requirements vary from one state to the other. You may click on your state listed below to view the continuing education requirements. Equally, the certified dental assistants continuing education requirements vary, and some states offer registration or licensure in addition to this national certification program.

Note: South Florida Institute for Post-Graduate Health Education, Inc. urges all participants to personally review their state requirements for continuing education as some of the rules may change from time to time. South Florida Institue for Post-Graduate Health Education, Inc. and its owners, agents, associates and employees assumes no responsibility or warranty for the applicable timely accuracy of any part of the information given below.