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    The company "Polymer" has been making polymer film and bags for over 25 years. The important thing to our secure good results is really a staff of experienced accomplished leaders, managers and engineers. Frequent changing from the fleet of equipment, education of staff, consumption of impressive research and technologiesdevelopment and research will allow the company "Polymer" to become on the list of managers in the Ukrainian marketplace of polymer goods. Major Ukrainian companies, European companies as well as other famous brand names place requests for films and packages with and without a emblem.

    Contemporary automated extruders are placed on the extrusion portion. The company’s arsenal of equipment is complemented by a high-overall performance extrusion range for the creation of film. Through the help of our practical abilities, we can create offers and movies of the modification and size.

    They are biopacks, eco packages (starch), banana packages, T-tee shirt provides, garbage packages, packaging provides, company logo packages, hinged deal with provides, liner bags, laundry luggage, dried up inns and cleaners. Inside the "Products" portion you can find acquainted with the list of well-liked goods amongst our consumers, and also speak with the supervisor and make an order.

    To achieve this, we use unprocessed supplies from popular Western and Ukrainian manufacturers. The video is produced about the newest higher-technician equipment, the merchandise obtain special qualities with the addition of stabilizers, chemical dyes and able to degrade additives. Thanks to scientific and innovative approaches, our customers receive products according to their technical requirements.

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